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April 16: Riverbend Update

Empire State Development Corporation.

Location: Holiday Inn

May 21: Rezoning Panel

Dave Brody, Esq - Facilitator
Speaker Panel: Sean Hopkins, Esq | Gary Black, Town of Amherst | Kevin Kirk, Uniland | Brendan Mehaffy, City of Buffalo
Location: Holiday Inn

September 17: Real Estate Related Legal Issues

David Brody, Attorney

Location: Holiday Inn

June 18: Buffalo Niagara Enterprise Update

Thomas Kucharski, President and CEO

Location: Holiday Inn

July TBD: Hard Hat Tour

of Richardson Complex

November 19: Legislative Update

Michael Kelly, Director of Government Affairs, NYSCAR

Location: Holiday Inn

December 17: Chapter Elections

Speaker TBD

Location: Holiday Inn

Our Local Chapter Members

Member Name Member Type Company Name Member Since Phone Number
Rumsey, David W REALTOR® RealtyUSA 1/1/1978 716-856-7107
Greco, Gary J REALTOR® Greco Real Estate.Com 8/1/1981 716-884-3500
Liebeck, Robert A REALTOR® MJ Peterson-Commercial 10/2/1981 716-689-4155
Brassel, Laurence IA Supporting Brassel Commercial 1/1/1983
Pigeon, Roger P REALTOR® CENTURY 21 Gold Standard 11/15/1985 716-652-0232
Tronolone, RonaldGunner REALTOR® MJ Peterson-Commercial 3/3/1986 716-689-4155
Greco, Dennis S REALTOR® Greco Real Estate.Com 1/1/1990 239-261-2244
Johnson, Michael A REALTOR® RealtyUSA 1/1/1990 716-754-8995
Knight, James E REALTOR® RealtyUSA 1/1/1990 716-856-7107
Becker, Max REALTOR® Gurney Becker & Bourne 1/1/1990 716-849-1234
Gurney, Charles L REALTOR® Gurney Becker & Bourne 1/1/1990 716-849-1234
Hunt, Stephen N REALTOR® Hunt Commercial Real Estate Co 1/1/1990 716-854-5943
Kirst, Karen L REALTOR® Kirst Commercial Rl Est Corp 1/1/1990 716-836-8200
Malagisi, Nicholas J REALTOR® Sperry Van Ness Storage Realty 1/1/1990 716-633-9601
Culm, Robert R REALTOR® RealtyUSA 3/12/1990 716-856-7107
Shell, Robert L REALTOR® Shell Associates 8/28/1990 585-343-7937
Woods, Edward F REALTOR® RealtyUSA 6/20/1996 716-856-7107
Kelly, Gerald E REALTOR® Gerald Kelly Capital Corp 3/22/2000 716-633-9533
Juliano, Anthony REALTOR® MJ Peterson-Commercial 3/18/2002 716-689-4155
Mason, Scott K REALTOR® RealtyUSA 11/13/2002 716-856-7107
Picone, Victor J REALTOR® McGuire Development Company 4/23/2004 716-829-1987
Iannello, Julie REALTOR® Recckio R.E. & Development,Inc 7/27/2004 716-636-8888
Blanchard, Paula M REALTOR® RealtyUSA 1/28/2005 716-856-7107
Powell, Carolyn Affiliate Buffalo Niagara Enterprise 2/11/2005 716-852-7100
Lee, Ming-Lea REALTOR® RealtyUSA 2/15/2005 716-689-8100
Brody, David Affiliate David A. Brody, P.C. 2/16/2005 716-633-5432
Tudor, Eric C REALTOR® Coldwell Banker Com Meridian 2/18/2005 716-839-6100
Gioia, Horace Affiliate Rupp, Baase, Pfalzgraph, Cunni 2/18/2005 716-854-3400
Gutowski, Anthony F Affiliate Key Bank 2/18/2005 716-847-7838
Trevino, Roger Affiliate Niagara Falls Redevelopment 2/18/2005 716-282-0001
Tytka, David Affiliate Uniland Development Company 2/18/2005 716-570-9988
Wittlinger, Jeff Affiliate The Leader Group 2/18/2005 716-565-0963
Greco, Louis C REALTOR® Greco Real Estate.Com 2/22/2005 716-884-3500
Penman, Dennis M REALTOR® Morgan Ventures, LLC 2/22/2005 716-631-8000
Behan, Kathleen Affiliate First Amherst Development Grp 3/10/2005 716-839-1400
Saperston, Howard T REALTOR® Saperston Real Estate Corp 3/21/2005 716-847-1100
Hughes, Michael J Affiliate Michael J Hughes PLLC 4/11/2005 716-856-0400
Strell, Robert P REALTOR® MBA Consulting & Valuation 10/14/2005 716-856-3900
Talarico, Sam A REALTOR® Coldwell Banker Integrity RE 1/4/2006 716-754-9963
Hager, Douglas Affiliate Kheops Architecture, Eng 2/15/2006 716-849-8739
Collins, Patricia L REALTOR® Coldwell Banker Com Meridian 3/6/2006 716-839-6100
Miller, Glen C REALTOR® Miller Commercial R E Grp LLC 3/6/2006 716-478-0380
Wilson, Lynn Affiliate Key Bank 3/26/2007 716-847-7838
Mancuso, B. Thomas REALTOR® Mancuso Management, Inc. 11/13/2007 585-343-2800
Pask, Frederick J REALTOR® First Stop Realty LLC 5/16/2008 716-542-1619
Stebbins, David Affiliate Buffalo Urban Development Corp 4/14/2009 716-856-6525
Gunn, Rick Affiliate Calamar 4/24/2009 716-693-0006
Heussler, WIlliam REALTOR® RealtyUSA 6/17/2009 716-856-7107
Larsen, Thomas Affiliate Larsen & Assoc Ins Agency 1/4/2010 716-684-3203
Picone, Joseph Affiliate Bison Electrical Services Corp 1/4/2010 716-833-7300
Ross, Roger Affiliate Hurwitz & Fine, PC 2/17/2010 716-849-8900
Hourihan, Timothy J REALTOR® RealtyUSA 3/15/2010 716-856-7107
Peterson, Victor L REALTOR® MJ Peterson Corp 6/23/2010 716-688-1234
Turner, Thomas A REALTOR® Century 21 Turner Brokers Inc 9/23/2010 716-763-7506
Finn, Christopher Affiliate Buffalo Niagara Enterprise 1/19/2011 716-852-7100
Suozzi, Chris Affiliate Genesee Cnty Economic Dev Cntr 2/22/2011 585-343-4866
Cammarata, Peter Affiliate Buffalo Urban Development Corp 3/14/2011 716-856-6525
Rivellino, Joe A REALTOR® Rivellino Realty 3/29/2011 585-786-3614
Lester, Eric REALTOR® Lester Appraisal 5/18/2011 716-634-6300
Aquila, Philip L REALTOR® MJ Peterson Real Estate 9/14/2011 716-689-7800
Kurdziel, Anthony Affiliate Hodgson Russ LLP 1/5/2012 716-848-4780
Miranda, E Alice REALTOR® MJ Peterson Real Estate 2/22/2012 716-689-7800
Zebrowski, Adam Affiliate LaBella Associates, PC 2/28/2012 716-551-6281
Stanley, Aaron REALTOR® green home revolution LLC 3/13/2012 716-222-0880
Bennett, James Affiliate Bennett Schecter Arcuri & Will, LLP 6/6/2012 716-242-8100
Pidanick, Robert Affiliate Nussbaumer & Clarke, Inc 6/6/2012 716-827-8000
Supon, David REALTOR® Hunt Commercial Real Estate Co 7/17/2012 716-854-5943
Warrant, Don Affiliate Freed, Maxick & Battaglia 9/12/2012 716-847-2651
Nisengard, Michael Affiliate Harter Secrest & Emery LLP 3/4/2013 716-853-1616
Cassety, Scott REALTOR® IHRIG Moving & Storage 3/8/2013 716-897-0700
Mahoney, Amy Affiliate Uniland Development Company 4/4/2013 716-570-9988
Weinmann, Peter Allen Affiliate Wolfgang & Weinmann LLP 4/4/2013 716-855-0600
Knoer, Robert E REALTOR® The Knoer Group, PLLC 4/22/2013 716-332-0032
Arroyo, Tamar Affiliate Kissling Interests, LLC 4/30/2013 716-853-2787
Cahlstadt, Richard Affiliate M & T Bank 4/30/2013 716-809-8721
Seege, Rose Affiliate Kissling Interests, LLC 4/30/2013 716-853-2787
McGonagle, Stephen J REALTOR® RealtyUSA 6/17/2013 716-856-7107
Travis, John Affiliate Turner Construction 6/17/2013 716-853-1900
Jacobi, Joseph REALTOR® MJ Peterson Real Estate 1/7/2014 716-689-7800
Keating, Patrick Affiliate Five Star Bank 1/16/2014 716-270-3222
Leonard, Daniel Affiliate Buffalo Niagara Enterprise 2/13/2014 716-541-1716
Jenkins, Zachary Affiliate Northwest Savings Bank 2/13/2014 716-834-1300
Kinyon, David Affiliate Town of Lockport IDA 2/25/2014 716-439-9535
Callahan, Charles Affiliate Uniland Development Company 6/26/2014 716-570-9988
Keller, Thomas Affiliate McGuire Development Company, L 6/26/2014 716-829-1900
Kremblas, Debra Affiliate Iskalo Development Corp. 10/21/2014 716-633-2096
Reyen, Michael Affiliate Hodgson Russ LLP 10/21/2014 716-848-4780
Kleinfelder, Heather Affiliate Kissling Interests, LLC 12/16/2014 716-853-2787
Korbs, Erika Affiliate Kissling Interests, LLC 12/16/2014 716-853-2787
Rogowski, John Affiliate Kissling Interests, LLC 12/16/2014 716-853-2787
Ferrentino, Shelia A REALTOR® RealtyUSA 1/5/2015 716-773-1900
Concannon, Emma Affiliate North Forest Office Providers 1/5/2015 716-626-9764
Jacobs, Nicole Affiliate Regus 1/7/2015 716-626-3007
Rentschler, Brian Affiliate Regus 1/7/2015 716-961-3200
Moskal, Linda Affiliate The Buffalo News 1/15/2015 716-849-3452
Rosenhoch, Alan Affiliate Buffalo Niagara Enterprise 1/22/2015 716-852-7100
Kreutzer, Kevin Affiliate Town of Hamburg IDA 1/29/2015 716-648-4145
Abounader, Lorrie Affiliate Buffalo Niagara Enterprise 2/25/2015 716-852-7100
Farkas, Camille REALTOR® MJ Peterson-Commercial 3/11/2015 716-689-4155
Recckio, Richard R REALTOR® Recckio R.E. & Development,Inc 3/26/2015 716-636-8888
Recckio, Richard Ricky REALTOR® Recckio R.E. & Development,Inc 3/26/2015 716-636-8888
Nagy, Amy REALTOR® Sinatra & Company Real Estate 4/10/2015 716-220-8468
Rossi, Corey J REALTOR® Recckio R.E. & Development,Inc 4/14/2015 716-636-8888
Carolyn Casilio Local Member
Jeff Lipuma Local Member
Steve Blake Local Member
Tim Malchow Local Member

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